Product warranty covers

In the case of the topics below only

  • Must be products that have been purchased through Jyestyle only, have a receipt of order or complete the name of the person who ordered the product
  • In the event that the product is defective, does not work due to quality We will change new products for customers. (Warranty replacement within 7 days) If after that We will repair and take care for free for a period of 1 year, but the customer has to pay for the shipping.
In the event that other than the above, Jyestyle would like to ask for permission to consider individually.

* If it is the case that the product is dropped, broken, broken, in this case, we ask for permission not to cover the terms of the warranty.

* The product has not been notified, returned within 7 days from the date of receipt. There will be no refund for the product in any case.

* All conditions for product warranty Decisions made by Jyestyle are final in all circumstances.
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